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Floating Lanterns

Floating Lanterns Experience

Light up the Night Sky

Floating Lanterns

Floating Lantern
ALERT: Effective 9/7/21 We are sad to report, we no longer offer this experience. The State Fire Marshal has informed us that floating lanterns are Illegal in WV. The only option available is to contact your representatives and have the law changed.


We are so excited to share this experience with you.
We will provide biodegradable Floating Lanterns for you to self-light (Think the Floating Lights from the Disney movie Tangled) and A tiki torch to light them with. This experience is perfect for commemorating a life moment. The lanterns float so high they often go out of sight before self-extinguishing. (We also offer a version of this event where we will light 10 Lanterns and send them up for you to watch from a distance (perfect for a surprise, for Proposals, etc. If you'd like that version, simply select the "Curated Lantern Experience" on the checkout page.
Floating Lantern