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Reserve E-bikes or Convertible Roadster for your stay. • We offer Gift Cards with Perks.
To get on our cancellation/waiting list, txt start1 to 844-428-5959

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Meadowlark Dome Essential Check-In Info

Thank you so much for choosing to stay here! We’ve sent you this info as a quick reference on essential info. If you need anything during your stay, txt us at 844-428-5959 (Would you mind texting us now to let us know what time you estimate arriving? Please include your name, check in date, and the dome name).

Check in is self-check-in, and it starts at 3pm and goes until whenever you like. Check out is as late as 11 am (you’ll receive a txt message with check out instructions the evening before you check out)

Notes to guide you: Parking for your dome is the last space on the right (Marked “Meadowlark” There will be a green golf cart or e-bikes (based on your reservation) parked by your space.
GOLF CART: Key is in key box at the top right side of windshield when seated in cart & code is: 7729
If you leave golf cart parked, please place the key in lock box & spin dial to random #’s. Be sure to keep the cart plugged in when not in use to ensure it stays charged for you. For your own safety, obey signs, use your brakes, and go SLOW.

DIRECTIONS TO DOME: Go back down the road past the domes, turn Right at the “Meadowlark/Foxyridge/Butterfly Trail” sign, stay right & follow “Meadowlark” signs & white ribbon fence to your dome. Stay on mowed paths.

Meadowlark door code is 7719 UNLOCK

Hot tub stove instructions: https://youtu.be/MfBVOBLcz2g We have firewood ready for you at the hot tub stove. Use the hatchet to make smaller pieces of wood and use cardboard or charcoal lighter fluid to start the fire. Using the hatched to make smaller pieces will also get a fire going again quickly if it has dies down. Keep the flames going while you are warming the hot tub. DO NOT DRAIN THE HOT TUB OR YOU CAN DAMAGE IT.

BATHROOM/HOT TUB : Your dome has its own bathroom with a custom wood-fired two-person lounge-style/hot tub. The hot tub faces the sunset over “Gramma’s Mtn” (Keeney’s knob) Please watch this video on how the hot tub works.
When our schedule permits, we will have a fire going in the stove for guests arriving at 3pm (if your arrival is later you may need to add wood or re-start the fire). Feel free to use the shower wand to add hot or cold water to fine tune the temperature of the hot tub at will. KEEP A FLAME IN THE STOVE to ensure the hot tub is heating. Coals alone will not heat the tub. There is also an electric heater that turns on when the jets are on. Look for the blue LED beside the silver switch to the left of the hot tub. When the jets are on AND the blue LED is on, the electric heater is also ON. It is designed to extend your soak-time once you get the hot tub up to desired temperature. You are also welcome to turn the jets and electric heater on while you are warming the hot tub with the stove, it will speed the process. NOTE: If you notice high humidity or condensation in the dome, there is a dehumidifier in the dome, you can use (typically condensation only occurs on a cold night if the dome doorway curtains are open and the hot tub jets are on for an extended period of time). If you keep the doorway curtains closed it will typically prevent condensation issues. The bathroom HVAC, and the main HVAC unit in the dome also have a “Dry” mode if needed. You can set the HVAC’s however you like.
Shampoo/conditioner/body wash are provided.

MAIN HVAC: Remote is mounted in the doorway. If you adjust it be sure It beeps to acknowledge changes to settings otherwise the changes weren’t made. (pointing the remote at the wall unit helps)

If you reserved the ebikes, watch this video before riding them.
Ebike Instructions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_mtEa1KMsQ

Bluetooth Audio – Look for Pyle-Audio and the pin is 0000.

WiFi password is: paradise

Party lights turn on automatically after sunset.
The floodlight for the field by your fire-pit is controlled by the right switch over the bathroom sink.
Main light switches are dimmers, slide up for bright/down for dim, press the bottom for on/off.

If you need more firewood look for the sign on the Firewood Shack near the road by the creekside domes, and follow the instruction using your mobile phone.

Kayaks and paddle boards are located near the dam, downstream from the first dome. Please keep the kayaks/paddle boards on the grass and not in the water’s edge (water levels can raise after rain and wash them away).

You are welcome to explore up/downstream as far as you like. Just don’t open gates.
With the exception of following the signs for the marked trails, don’t venture onto the farm areas as there are herd/guard dogs.

We hope this is a positive experience you remember for a lifetime.
TXT us if you need anything: 844-428-5959
Cheers ????